Liability Waiver

Please print and complete the below Liability Waiver and give it to your ride leader. All riders must have one on file prior to your first ride with the Big Ring Flyers each calendar year.

Weekly ride schedule


  • Meet at The New Richmond Centre
  • No drop 20-30 mile ride averaging 14-18 mph
    • All abilities welcome
  • Ride Leaders: Brian Headlee, Rod Hawkins

Tuesday Night Club Ride

  •  1st Tuesday of the month meet at Mama Maria's
    • Apps and drinks post ride
  • Remaining Tuesdays meet at St. Croix Gov't Center
  • Ride time dependent on time of year, generally 5:30 departure.
  • Alternate 4 routes 35-45 miles
  • Two or three groups dependent on the number and strength of riders that show up each week.
  • Ride Leaders: Mitch Freund, Brian Headlee, Rod Hawkins, Chris Iverson, Stephanie Green, Mike Green

Wide Tire Wednesday


  • Route TBD
  • Ride Leaders: Erik Engness, Paul Daveloose

Thursday Morning Thunder


  • Early AM ride light permitting meeting in New Richmond
  • 20 miles fast pace line, tactics, average 21-24 mph

Thursday Barley John's Ride


  • Meet at Barley John's in New Richmond
    • Food and drinks post ride
    • Ride departs at 5:30
  • Groups dependent on the number and comfort level of riders that show up each week
    • All abilities welcome
  • Ride Leaders: Brian Headlee, Chris Iverson, Rod Hawkins, Mike Green, Stephanie Green, Chris Wiswell

Sunday Funday Easy Ride


  • Meet at The New Richmond Centre in the AM
  • Easy double loop ride, each loop being No Drop 20-25 miles 
    • All abilities welcome
    • Each loop will start/stop at the Centre
    • Riders can ride one or both loops (Please communicate to the ride leaders prior to ride day)
    • Courses and start times will be communicated each week
  • Ride Leaders: Chris Wiswell, Mike Green, Stephanie Green, Rod Hawkins, Brian Headlee

Group Ride Expectations


  1. Regroup at T intersections and after hills.  It's a ride not a race.
  2. Obey all traffics signs and signals.  Make a complete stop at all stop signs and lights.
  3. Ride two abreast when possible, but do not cross the centerline. When climbing and needing to pass slower riders stay on our side of the road and keep the group profile as narrow as possible to avoid errant oncoming drivers. Also keep a narrow group profile on blind corners. 
  4. Avoid overlapping wheels. 
  5. Hold your line, especially when cornering. 
  6. Do not let vehicle traffic with the right of way "wave you through". Do not let traffic put themselves in danger to let you cross or turn. i.e. when slowing down in your lane to make a left turn do not let oncoming lane traffic stop to let you turn. This puts them in danger of getting rear ended and thus endangering us. 
  7. Announce "car back" or "car up" when there's an approaching car. 
  8. Do not engage angry drivers ... smile and wave. 
  9. Represent our club well.